Eight Day Privé Uma Paro

From mountain passes covered in prayer flags and maroon robed monks bustling about in ancient fortresses, Bhutan is a Shangri La for photographers; both amateur and professional. Bhutan enjoys all seasons in splendid glory. One can produce stunning photography of the lush green summer paddy and just as easily create dramatic pictures of the autumn landscape. The crisp winter light is superb for portraiture and you need only point and shoot the spring bloom with your camera! Whatever the season, when you take Terton’s Eight Day Privé Uma Paro experience, you can be sure that your photographs will provide you with a lifetime of conversation pieces……er……images!

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Day1: Arrival at Paro
Day2: Paro-Punakha
Day3: Punakha
Day4: Punakha to Paro
Day5: Paro
Day6: Paro
Day7: Paro
Day8: Depart Paro